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Originally from the UK, I now live in Christchurch where it’s not only the coffee giving me the shakes. I’m avoiding my career in librarianship while I indulge my addiction to writing and learn how to live without things like a regular income or an alarm clock.  You can normally find me at the monthly Christchurch meet ups, drinking coffee and enthusing loudly about all things SFF.

When I’m not procrastinating, I’m writing or thinking about writing, bearing in mind that all reading can be justified as research. Even cryptic crossword puzzles count, though I’ll admit I’m having a hard time finding a justification for sudoko. I love puzzles and surprises, something that comes across in my writing.

My short story “The Glitch Doctor” won the 2011 Shades Of Sentience Cyber Punk short story competition, and was published in Award Winning Australian Writing 2012. Bronwyn Lovell of LipVerse online magazine called it “fantastic”. I’m still blushing. You can check out the full review here.

“Monocarpic Colony Blues” was published in 2013 in Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II, by Random Static. “Winter Feast” appeared in Baby Teeth: Bite-sized tales of terror, by Paper Road Press also in 2013.

I’m currently revising my first novel and scribbling down the influx of ideas for another. That is, of course, around all the puzzles and the coffee.

You can contact me through the SpecFicNZ email address – [email protected]

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