Michael McHuff


I was born in the amazing year of 1976 and grew up in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. I’ve lived in Wellington and London (England) but now reside on the Kapiti coast with my family.
I’m dangerously under qualified to be an author, I’m 5 papers short of a degree in English & Film from Victoria University of Wellington. I’ll get around to that. I’m not much for finishing things. Well, except, maybe stories.
I am a story-teller primarily, but a smattering of geek and entertainer is what inspires me to tell my stories in the Sci-fi genre.
All stories are human stories, even the ones about robots. How we deal with our struggles is always of interest, and that’s why I’ve thrown a lot of myself into my stories to kick start them. From there, they tend to take on a life of their own.
‘A Lovely Prison’ is my first complete novel.
I have several more writing efforts in the works, however, I don’t plan on leaving my day job to write just yet, I need the interaction. I’m one of those hamster ball encroaching, energy sucking extroverts.
My writing office is the Kapiti Line, so I wrote ‘A Lovely Prison’ almost entirely on the train. An interesting thought when you read some parts of the book!
You can find me on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook!
I hope you enjoy my work.


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