Mike Reeves-McMillan


Mike Reeves-McMillan has wanted to be a writer since he was twelve years old. Apart from two teenage novels which will stay firmly in the trunk, and numerous short stories, he has written:

Nonmagical fantasy (City of Masks). Imagine if G.K. Chesterton and Alexandre Dumas had adapted Pepys’ diary into a serial-killer mystery set in a mad version of Shakespeare’s Italy, complete with twins.
SF (Gu). What happens if you can buy a substance that can take any shape? How does that disrupt and change, worsen and better society?
Steampunkish secondary-world fantasy featuring the Gryphon Clerks, an elite group of heroic civil servants:
(Realmgolds). A reluctant young ruler must become the leader his people need, with the help of his brilliant but eccentric ally and his loyal secretary.
(Hope and the Clever Man). A young mage and an eccentric inventor create a new technology that could help end a war, but may start another.
(Hope and the Patient Man).A love story, with engineering. About, and for, smart, nerdy women and the men who adore them.
Contemporary urban fantasy set in Auckland:
(Auckland Allies). Underpowered magical practitioners must step up to defend Auckland against an attempted demon-summoning.
(Auckland Allies 2: Ghost Bridge). The Allies are faced with a necromancer who’s attempting to set four thousand angry Victorian ghosts on the city’s most vulnerable people.

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