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    I’m very happy to report that I’ve just signed a contract with Michael Wills at Digital Fiction Publishing for Realmgolds, the first of the Gryphon Clerks series. We have agreement in principle that DFP will be taking over publication of the other books in the series too, including the as-yet-unpublished Mister Bucket for Assembly and any future volumes (though we’ll contract on a book-by-book basis).

    Why am I doing this?
    I’ve worked with Michael since 2015, when he bought one of my short stories for his Digital Fantasy Fiction anthology series. I’ve also done freelance editing for him. I’ve participated in and followed the Digital Fiction Facebook group during that time, and seen how well the books he has in his stable are doing, and how he handled it when he made a significant mistake at one point. All of my observations add up to: I believe he’s a trustworthy person, and a better marketer than I am. I also like his revenue model; I can’t discuss specific details of our contract, but suffice to say that this isn’t “traditional publication” as far as terms go. So when he approached me to ask if I wanted to put the Gryphon Clerks series under his banner, it didn’t take me long to say yes.

    What will change?
    I’m about to go through and update the text of Realmgolds into US spellings. With the US being the most significant ebook market, and some readers being unaware of British spelling conventions, there’s been some noise with one of his other books about “typos” that weren’t, and we want to avoid that. Otherwise, I’m not making changes to the text.

    I’ve pulled Realmgolds from wide distribution, since DFP does very well at getting Kindle Unlimited page reads, and they’re worth more, at this point, than any sales we might make in other marketplaces. Neither of us love exclusivity as such, but as a pragmatic decision in the current market it makes sense.

    DFP has acquired ebook, print, and audio rights. Realmgolds has a print edition, which I’ll be removing from CreateSpace, and which will be replaced with a new one under the DFP imprint (so if you’re one of the very few people who bought a print copy with the C-Side Media imprint, hang onto it; it might be valuable someday). I retain all other rights, including translation (I’ve already licensed an Italian translation) and adaptations into other media, so if you’ve always wanted to adapt Realmgolds into a graphic novel in Portguese, talk to me.

    Otherwise, for readers, nothing much should change. For me, I hope, the major change will be that more people will buy and read Realmgolds, and then go on to enjoy my other books.


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