John Harper


John Harper’s writing career began in his first year of school when he stood before the school assembly and read out his ‘novelisation’ of the movie Short Circuit.

School was spent writing endless pieces of original and fan fiction, most of the action revolving around his first original hero ‘Jack Hamilton’, Awesome Ass Kicking Extraodinaire and Pontiac Enthusiast.

Fast forward a few years and John is a science fiction writer living in Wellington, New Zealand. He likes spending time with his wife and two children, and he follows the cricket and V8 Supercars religiously. John is a passionate writer at night and occupies his days working as a chartered mechanical engineer.

John’s first novel, an official Elite:Dangerous novel titled ‘And Here The Wheel’, was released in May 2014 by Fantastic Books Publishing.  It can be found on Amazon:

John is currently working on the story and world building of Shallow Space, a space simulator computer game ( and his next novel.

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