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William Cook was born and raised in New Zealand and is the author of the novel ‘Blood Related.’ He has written many short stories that have appeared in anthologies and has authored two short-story collections (‘Dreams of Thanatos’ & ‘Death Quartet’) and two collections of poetry (‘Journey: the search for something’ & ‘Corpus Delicti’). His work has been praised by Joe McKinney, Billie Sue Mosiman, Anna Taborska, Rocky Wood and many other notable writers and editors. William is also the editor of the anthology ‘Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror,’ published by James Ward Kirk Fiction.

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Member of the Horror Writers Association, Australian Horror Writers Association & the Horror Blogger Alliance.


William Cook tells a gruesome story with a sense of authenticity that makes you question with considerable unease if it really is fiction, after all.”
 – Graham Masterton, author of the Katie McGuire series and The House that Jack Built.


“This man is simply scary. There is both a clinical thoroughness and a heartfelt emotional thoroughness to his writing. He manages to shock as well as empathize, to scare as well as acclimatize, yet beneath it all is a well-read intelligence that demands to be engaged. I loved Blood Related. Ordinarily I hate serial killer stories, but William Cook won me over. He is a unique and innovative talent.”
– Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Flesh Eaters and Dog Days

“William Cook – writer, poet, artist, editor. This talented man has no illusions about the horror that is human nature. His exploration of torture, murder and mayhem combines the scientific precision of a scientist dissecting a specimen with the creative flair of a sculptor working with words. Something tells me that he is just getting started and we’ll be seeing a lot more of his dark crafts in the future.”
– Anna Taborska, author of For Those Who Dream Monsters, director of The Rain Has Stopped, Ela, The Sin, My Uprising, A Fragment of Being


“William Cook is a dark author of terror and a master of the close up scene of realistic crime and acts of horror. There are a handful of new names in the horror field who cause a visceral reaction in the reader and Cook is one of them. He has his hand on the pulse of the macabre.”
– Billie Sue Mosiman, author of Wireman


“William Cook is an uncompromising horror writer. Be prepared to slink down the underbelly of the world as visions are revealed that can’t be unseen. Strong stomachs required here folks!”
– Rocky Wood, President of The Horror Writers Association and Stephen King biographer.


“William Cook is a damn good writer. His style of writing and how he composes a story is exactly what horror readership is starving for and why horror movie fans should start reading him if they don’t already. They don’t know what they’re missing. His stories are part Tarantino in their brilliance, Thomas Harris in raw violence, and utterly William Cook in originality.”
– Nicholas Grabowsky, author of Halloween IV and The Everborn


“William Cook creates madness with the unsettling candor of yanking a hair out all the way to its root. He gets right to the point with a bloody scalpel edginess and an EEK Factor attached. I admire his darkness in drawings and savor the same startlingly macabre imagery in his verse and prose.”
– Lori R. Lopez, author of An Ill Wind Blows and The Fairy Fly


“William Cook knows horror from Fiction to Nonfiction, and he has a gift for blending the two genres seamlessly. You pray his fictional horror is not real, and hope his nonfiction horror is fiction. No matter what book of Cook’s you read, you’ll be hoping and praying. Here is Horror that you revel in with fascination and repulsion. William Cook has reinvented ‘Libertine Horror’.”
– Anthony Servante, author of East Los and Killers and Horror: Ink Black, Blood Red

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