Mark McCabe


Mark McCabe is a New Zealand-based author who published his first novel, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, in June 2012.Born in Brisbane in Australia, Mark later moved to Sydney and then to Canberra, the Australian capital city, where he completed his career as the Australian Capital Territory’s Work Safety Commissioner. Mark was also the head of the Territory’s work safety regulatory body, WorkSafe ACT, from 2008 through until his retirement in 2016.Mark has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Classics, Latin and English from the Australian National University [the ANU].Mark’s favoured genres are fantasy and science fiction, although he does have plans for a future series of crime novels as well. He cites David Gemmell, Jack Vance and Ursula Le Guin as key inspirations and influences.In his spare time Mark is an amateur photographer, a keen student of the classics [with a particular focus on Rome and ancient myths and legends such as the Trojan Cycle].

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