Welcome to 2011 Blogging Week! All posts will be linked from here. Information about what blogging week actually is is available here.

Prize Draws!

To celebrate Blogging Week we will be holding a number of prize draws. All prizes will be novels – many written by SpecFicNZ members – which have been generously donated to the society. There will be a Readers’ Draw, a Posters’ Draw, and a vote for Best Blogger.

To enter the Readers’ Draw, simply post a comment to this message at some stage during Blogging Week. Each comment goes into the draw, so the more you comment the higher your chances of winning a book.

To enter the Posters’ Draw, simply provide a link for a Blogging Week post you have written (by emailing the link to specficnz(at)gmail.com). Each link that appears on this page will go into the draw, so the more often you post the higher your chances of winning a book.

Finally, we intend to hold a vote for Best Blogger once the week is over. Please keep this in mind while reading these posts.

Posts for Monday Sep 19:

  1. Have Travel, Will World by Claire Buckingham
  2. New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week – Post1 by Richard Barnes
  3. New Zealand Speculative Fiction Blogging Week begins! by J.C. Hart
  4. Write About Christchurch by Amanda Fitzwater
  5. Of Folk and Folklore by Morag Gray
  6. NZ Speculative Fiction Blogging Week: Women in Power by Anna Caro
  7. In the Beginning… by Catherine Mede

Posts for Tuesday Sep 20:

  1. Plot? What Plot? by Claire Buckingham
  2. New Kids on the Block by J.C. Hart
  3. Going Down – Part 2 by Richard Barnes
  4. Writing and business – the power of positive action by Morag Gray
  5. Tuesday Poem: Alicia’s World of Warcraft Poem by AJ Ponder

Posts for Wednesday Sep 21:

  1. First Ink by Claire Buckingham
  2. Traveling Through Time by J.C. Hart
  3. Nothing Exists in a Vacuum by M. Darusha Wehm
  4. Setting, Inspiration and Cultural Cringe by Morag Gray
  5. Going Down – Part 3 by Richard Barnes
  6. Celebrating the Seasons In “The Gathering of the Lost” by Helen Lowe

Posts for Thursday Sep 22:

  1. An Interview with “Phoenix Rising” Co-Authors, Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris—Plus Book Giveaway by Helen Lowe
  2. Going Down – Part 4 by Richard Barnes
  3. Tymon’s Flight, by Mary Victoria (a review), by J.C. Hart
  4. Goals, Tries and Having Something To Score by Claire Buckingham
  5. In case you didn’t know … by Tama Wise

Posts for Friday Sep 23:

  1. Mary Victoria, an interview by J.C. Hart
  2. Friend in a Familiar Land – Spec Fic set in Noo Zullind, by Amanda Fitzwater
  3. Spec Fic Poem for Spec Fic Blogging Week, by Janis Freegard
  4. Going Down – Part 5, by Richard Barnes
  5. Redux and welcome and things by Catherine Ford
  6. Ideas, Inspiration and Insidious Little Voices by Claire Buckingham

Posts for Saturday Sep 24:

  1. Oh No! I Missed “Talk Like A Pirate” Day! But There’s Still Great Pirate Tales of SFF … by Helen Lowe
  2. NZ Spec Fic Blogging Week by Debbie Cowens
  3. Cookies, Tea and Cuddles by Claire Buckingham
  4. NZSpecFic Blogging week by Emma Gallagher

Posts for Sunday Sep 25:

  1. And The Legend Lives On by Claire Buckingham
  2. Book Review: Tales For Canterbury by Tim Jones
  3. Going Down Part 6 by Richard Barnes
  4. Mini-reviews of some kiwi-authored books by Catherine Ford
  5. Musings, by J.C. Hart
  6. Going Down – Finale by Richard Barnes

Don’t forget to comment below to be in to win a novel!

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