September 13th:

  1. I am a child of the wilderness by J. C. Hart.
  2. NZ Spec Fic Blogging Week is here … by Simon Petrie.
  3. Beginnings: Children of the Dogstar by Amanda Fitzwater.
  4. Gothic Stories by Karen Johnson Mead.
  5. Speculative Fiction & Me by Kerryn Angell.
  6. SpecFicNZ Blogging Week – Day 1, the term “Spec Fic” by Travis Cottreau.
  7. 11 Ways to Support NZ Speculative Fiction by Anna Caro.
  8. New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week – Day One! by Richard Barnes.
  9. From out of the Cloud… by Philippa Ballantine.
  10. Detectives in Speculative Fiction by Debbie Cowens.
  11. An Interview with Ripley Patton by Grant Stone.
  12. The Hugo Awards 2010: Being There by Helen Lowe.
  13. Seven Rings for Mortal Man by AJ Ponder.

September 14th:

  1. SAVE THE TANIWHA! by Simon Petrie.
  2. Acrostic by Karen Johnson Mead.
  3. Kiwi Culture in Spec Fic Stories by Matt Cowens.
  4. Drabble a day no 2 by Richard Barnes.
  5. Remembering Sunshine by Grant Stone.
  6. UNconventional: Worldcon & Me by Helen Lowe.
  7. My first novel by J.C. Hart.
  8. Works in Progress by Anna Caro.
  9. Horror & Me by Kerryn Angell.

September 15th:

  1. Beginnings: Under The Mountain by Amanda Fitzwater.
  2. Wednesday’s NZ Spec Fic Blogging Week offering … by Simon Petrie.
  3. Why Speculative Fiction? by J.C. Hart.
  4. Interview with Mary Victoria by Gill Polack.
  5. SpecFic Blogging Week – Spec Fic and Christianity? by Karen Johnson Mead.
  6. Robot. Not disco. by Grant Stone.
  7. A Foreign Country – Reflections by Anna Caro.
  8. Setting – Creating a Fantasy World by Writer’s Block NZ.
  9. Drabble a day no3 – a bit of filth by Richard Barnes.

September 16th:

  1. Heir of Night Interview on Podcast by Helen Lowe.
  2. Getting Science Fiction And Fantasy Published In New Zealand. Part 1: Short Fiction by Tim Jones.
  3. ‘New’ as in Moon, Perhaps by Simon Petrie.
  4. SpecFicNZ Blogging Week – Interview with Ripley Patton by Karen.
  5. Next up from Random Static: Barking Death Squirrels by Anna Caro.
  6. Getting Science Fiction And Fantasy Published In New Zealand. Part 1: Short Fiction by BookWorm
  7. Science Fiction & Me by Kerryn Angell.

September 17th:

  1. Being A NZ SpecFic Writer by Helen Lowe.
  2. Beginnings: The Halfmen of O by Amanda Fitzwater.
  3. Not So Much Fly, As … by Simon Petrie.
  4. Gift Horse by Simon Petrie.
  5. The Whale Rider by Karen Johnson Mead.
  6. What Started It by Simon Petrie.
  7. Making Connections by J.C. Hart.
  8. Dissecting the Author: Steven Roy by Writer’s Block NZ.

September 18th:

  1. A Foreign Country – Partial Review by J.C. Hart
  2. My Grimoire and Your Grimoire, Sittin’ By the Fire by Simon Petrie.
  3. How does NZ’s landscape inspire Speculative Fiction? by Karen Johnson Mead.
  4. Happy Birthday Dr Johnson! by Debbie Cowens.

September 19th:

  1. Real Deal by Simon Petrie.
  2. Birth of a Writer by Nicholas Chrustowski.
  3. Go on, scare me by J.C. Hart.
  4. Call for Novella Submissions by Anna Caro.
  5. A Foreign Country Radio Interview by Anna Caro.
  6. SpecFic Blogging Week – Last Post by Karen Johnson Mead.
  7. Fantasy & Me by Kerryn Angell.
  8. An Immigrant’s Diary by Mary Victoria.

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