Please note: the AGM 2012 Financial Report is also available in PDF format.


This report is the financial report for the period from 1st August 2011 to 7 August 2012. It was decided that to help ease organisational issues with change in committee that there should be some overlap in planning so that the new committee had some activities already on the board. These would be set up and ready to roll whilst the new committee got up to speed on running the society.


There are two parts to this report. The first is the budgetted plan against actuals, the second is the cash position and a summary of the expenditure.


This plan was prepared by the SpecFicNZ treasurer, Mark English and reviewed by the SpecFicNZ President, Ripley Patton.

Plans and Actuals

During the year it became apparent, and was passed by vote, that the planning should extend beyond the single year, as the new committee will need time to get up to speed, so some overlap of event planning and expenditure was forecast – hence two tables below.

2011-2012 Plan and Actuals

Listed as Item Plan Actual
AGM Chat Room (2011) $13.57
Competition: Blogging week prize postage (2011) $16.50
Flyer printing $87 $88
Competition: Kindle Giveaway $264 $255.22
Event: Flights of Fancy (nb. Book month $200 grant to offset actuals) $500 $560.59
Competition: Twitter Love $21.99
Competition: Tale from the Archive $25 $25
Newsletter (year not complete yet) $150 $75
Competition: Wily Writer $75 $75
Webhosting + Domain registration $135 $194.73
Competition: Steam Press Novel Manuscript $175 $175
Print and postage $117
National Convention Costs $300 $135.52
Sub Total: $1,828 $1,636.12

Net underspend on budget of $191.88

2012-2013 Plan and Actuals

Listed as Item Plan Actual
Kindle Giveaway (inc. stories) nb stories yet to be purchased $300 $255
Blogging Week 2013 Prizes $60 $49.99
Sub Total: $360 $304.99

Forward commitment on 2012-2013 Plan: $55.01

Note: Not all actuals have resulted in account debits as some cheques remain undeposited by the recipients.

Cash Position

Cash position is strong, with memberships increasing through the year.

A. Opening Position $ 1,498.76 Bank Balance 16-Aug-2011
B. Income
Memberships $ 3,030 Direct credit, NatCon cash
Membership overpayment $ 10 Member overpayment
NZ Book Month Grant $ 200
$ 3,240 Total Income
C. Actual Outgoings
Expenditure ($ 1,275.60) Debits on account
($ 1,275.60)
D. Total
Cash Position (A + B +C) $ 3,463.16
Closing Position $ 3,463.16 Bank Balance 07-Aug-2012


Operating Position (Cash Flow)

E. Liabilities & Commitments
Liabilities ($ 520.51) Undeposited cheques
Fwd Commitments ($ 175.00) Plan 2011-2012, Steampress
Fwd Commitments ($ 55.01) Plan 2012-2013, Blogging week etc
($ 750.52)
F. Corrections
Member Reimburse ($ 10) Currently undeposited cheque
($ 10)
G. Balances
Bank Balance (07-Aug-12) $ 3,463.16
Operating (E + F + G) $ 2,702.64 Take a/c Liabilities & Commitments



The Society has ended the year nearly $1200 dollars better off than at the start of the year in available cash terms. This is a good position after a year of solid commitment to activities, competitions and promotions for the members. The year going forward has the benefit of this extra float over this year’s starting position, so can look to funding a wider, or more indepth, range of activities.

The committee was very busy this year, and could not have organised more with the time and availability of the committee members – they have all done very well. In order to spend more money would require a greater commitment from the committee (very difficult), a higher level of involvement from the general membership or more expensive activities!

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