AGM 2013 Financial Report


This report is the financial report for the period from 7 August 2012 to 14 July 2013. This period is slightly under the year as the AGM this year will be held at Au Contraire.


There are two parts to this report.  The first is the actual expenditure, the second is the cash position and a summary of the expenditure.


This report was prepared by the SpecFicNZ treasurer, Mark English and reviewed by the SpecFicNZ President, Grace Bridges

Plans and Actuals

2011-2012 Plan and Actuals




Competition: Blogging week prize + postage (2012)



Competition: Wily Writer



Newsletter (year not complete yet)


Competition : Halloween TwitFic



Competition: Twitter Love



Event: Words on the Wind, NZ Book Month ChCh, AKL, Wgn (nb. Book month $300 grant to offset actuals)



Competition: Cover worth a thousand words



Competition: Pimp your profile



Webhosting + Domain registration



Competition: Kindle Giveaway



Competition: Going Global



Print and postage, banners and sundry



National Convention Costs


$400 (est)

Sub Total:

$ 2,510

$ 2,371.60

Estimated net underspend on budget of  $ 138.40

Note: Not all actuals have resulted in account debits as some cheques remain undeposited by the recipients.

A forward plan for the new committee has not yet been formulated, but would be along the lines of similar years.

Cash Position

Cash position is strong, with continued renewals through the year.

A. Opening Position $ 3,463.16Bank Balance 7-Aug-2012

B. Income

Memberships                         $ 2,585.52                     Direct credit, NatCon 2012 cash

NZ Book Month Grant           $    300.00

$ 2,885.52            Total Income

C. Actual Outgoings

Expenditure                            ($ 1,844.27)                  Debits on account in period

($ 1,844.27)

D. Total

Cash Position (A + B +C)    $ 4,504.41

Closing Position                   $ 4,504.41                     Bank Balance 09-Jul-2013

Operating Position (Cash Flow)

E. Liabilities & Commitments

Liabilities                              ($    527.85)                  Undeposited cheques

Fwd Commitments              ($    400.00)                  Plan 2012-2013, NatCon costs

($ 927.85)

F. Corrections

None                                       ($ N/A)                          None

($ N/A)

G. Balances

Bank Balance (09-Jul-13)      $ 4,504.41

Cash  (E + F + G)                  $ 3,576.56               Take a/c Liabilities & Commitments

Balance Sheet

H. Net gain this period

Income (B)                             $ 2,885.52                    All sources

Forecast Expenditure             ($ 2,371.60)                  From Plans and Actuals

$ 513.92


NZ Book Month Funding higher than last year by $100

Liabilities are higher ($177.33)

Memberships fees gathered lower ($444.48)


The Society has ended the year nearly $900 dollars better off than at the start of the year in available cash terms. This is lower than the preceding year (which was $1200 better off than the year before). This is not worrying, but is a feature of the AGM last year following on from Au Contraire at which there were many new members gathered, and also last year left us in a better starting position, than that reported on last year.

This is a good position after a year of solid commitment to activities, competitions and promotions for the members.  There has also been a lot of planning around how to more effectively make use of the available cash to better promote SpecFic in NZ. These will be floated at the AGM, and there are some great ideas to put to the membership.


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