The Art of the Blurb

Presented by Peter Cox, Redhammer Agency

Saturday 13 February, 6-8 pm

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Writers in New Zealand have got it made in 2021.

Not only are you highly likely to survive the current plague and all future zombie pandemics – hurrah! – but also, the world is enviously looking in your direction.

Just as Scandi noir came seemingly out of nowhere to dominate the commercial landscape in the 1990s and beyond, so NZ is poised to break out and do the same thing in the 21st century. For different reasons, maybe. But now is your time. So let’s get ready.

In this seminar, I want to address the single most important factor that may be holding you and your commercial writing success back.

The blurb.

Most writers hate writing their own blurbs. It’s a different type of writing. Huge amounts of sweat for an extremely small number of words.

Probably the most consequential few words you will ever write.

And there’s an art to it. Which I intend to share with you.

About Peter Cox:

Peter ran an advertising agency before falling into writing by mistake. After some two dozen books, including two No. 1 UK bestsellers, and getting through three literary agents – he reckoned he could probably do their job better than they could.

Based in London he spent the first part of his career as an agent doing high-value deals in New York (see some of them here: He now specializes in books-to-film/tv.

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