Tales from the Archives Winners

The results are in for the Tales from the Archives short story competition, held in conjunction with, and judged by, Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris and The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

Pip and Tee loved all the entries, but two in particular stood out to them. Due to another spot opening up in the Archives schedule, they have decided to assign both a First Place winner and an Honourable Mention.

The First Place winner is Lewis Hoban with his story, ‘The Taniwha of Ana Cove’. Congratulations, Lewis! Your story has won US$50 from Pip and Tee, $25 from SpecFicNZ, and publication as part of the anthology. | Read More...

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Fantastic Time at Flights of Fancy

On Sunday 18 March SpecFicNZ hosted our first NZ Book Month event, ‘Flights of Fancy’, at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch. Seven SpecFicNZ members read excerpts of their writing.

  • Jane Higgins read from her YA novel The Bridge
  • Amanda Fitzwater read from her story ‘Cartography, and the Death of Shoes’ (published in the anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land)
  • Diane Berry read from Dragons Away!, the humorous fantasy novel written by herself and Kevin Berry
  • Jennifer Fallon read from The Immortal Prince
  • Liz Gatens read her short story ‘The Glitch Doctor’ (published at Shades of Sentience)
  • Paul Mannering read his short story ‘The Shrieking Woman’ (published in the anthology Tales from the Bell Club)
  • Helen Lowe read three excerpts, one each from her books Thornspell, The Heir of Night, and The Gathering of the Lost.

All seven readers gave excellent performances and were a joy to listen to.

The audience very much enjoyed the event, and the book table was swamped at the end of the readings.

Thanks go to Paul Mannering for being the MC for the event. He did an outstanding job.

Thanks also go to the NZ Book Month team for being so supportive and so enthusiastic about the event. Their enthusiasm is a promising sign that things are changing for speculative fiction writers in New Zealand; if NZ Book Month’s support is anything to go by, then the industry is starting to recognise the value and variety that we bring to the NZ book publishing industry. | Read More...

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Hachette Australia Accepting Manuscripts

Hachette Australia is now accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

21 MARCH 2012


Hachette Australia is one of Australia’s largest publishers and is always looking for the opportunity to publish great stories. We are pleased to welcome email submissions from fiction, non-fiction and children’s writers. (We cannot accept poetry, self-help, screenplays or academic submissions.)


Email the first chapter or first 50 pages of your work to manuscript.submission@hachette.com.au | Read More...

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Featured Work 

Young Love on the Run from the Federal Alien Administration New Mexico Division (1984)

Young Love on the Run from the Federal Alien Administration New Mexico Division (1984) by Grant Stone in Strange Horizons, May 9, 2011

Roland twirls the phone cord around his finger and listens to the ring. He looks around the room. It’s pretty shitty. Besides the bed there’s a TV fixed to the ceiling, a fridge he can hear humming even from over here and a chair the same chocolate brown as the carpet. The phone he is calling is beige and sits on a small table next to the stairs in a house in a tree-lined street in Burbank. He imagines his mother putting down the duster and hurrying downstairs like he’s seen her do a million times before. | Read More...

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In the News 

Mansfield with Monsters

Mansfield with Monsters by Katherine Mansfield, with Matt & Debbie Cowens

Mansfield once wrote, “don’t lower your mask until you have another mask prepared beneath—as terrible as you like—but a mask.” While we may never know Mansfield’s true face or fate, Matt and Debbie Cowens are proud to draw back the public mask of one of our most beloved authors to reveal the more chilling one beneath.

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Anthologies Featured Work Short Story 

Mary Had a Unicorn

Mary Had a Unicorn by Ripley Patton in Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear

The last thing on earth Mary Maloney wanted was a unicorn. She wasn’t an addict, no matter what they said at the clinic. Sure, she used sometimes just to have some fun, or when she was down. But who didn’t? It wasn’t any different than the booze her dad tanked. Or the pot he smoked. But you didn’t see anyone assigning him a freakin’ genetically engineered, one-horned parole officer.

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