Virtual Professional Development Workshops

Upskill without leaving home!

Monthly online workshops free for SpecFicNZ members (non-members: $10/workshop). Presented by local and overseas experts. Workshops are held via Zoom. We will update this page as we finalise the year’s workshops.


Amazon Ads Kindergarten
Presenter: Deb Potter
Sunday 27 February, 4-5 pm


Creating Compelling Villains
Presenter: Maria Snyder
Sunday 27 March, 12-2 pm


Using Amazon Ads to Find Your Readers
Presenter: Deb Potter
Sunday 10 April, 4-5 pm


Characterization and the Unconscious
Presenter: Karin Lowachee
Sunday 15 May, 1-3 pm


How to Think About Technology in Worldbuilding
Presenter: Ken Liu
Sunday 12 June, 11 am- 1 pm


What Booksellers Wish You Knew About Books
Presenter: Leah Bobet
Sunday 17 July, 12 – 2 pm


Crafting Short Stories
Presenter: Alma Alexander
Sunday 14 August, time TBA


Virtual Writers’ Retreat!
Presenters will include Kiwis and international speakers.
Tentatively scheduled for the weekend of the 17-18th. Watch this space for more details.


Cooperative marketing and promotion for authors
Presenter: Mindy Klasky
Sunday 30 October, 12-2 pm


Power and Politics in Worldbuilding: Schemes, Factions, and Cultures
Presenter: Michael R. Underwood
Sunday 13 November, time TBA


Writing Compelling Scenes
Presenter: Barbara Ashford
Sunday 11 December, time TBA

Yet to be scheduled, but in the works:

  • Elaine Isaak: No Plot, No Problem: Getting from idea to draft through brainstorming and conflict
Plus we’ll have NYT bestseller Gail Carriger returning to share more of her business acumen and self-publishing tips and tricks.
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