Welcome to the official website for Speculative Fiction New Zealand.

SpecFicNZ is the association for creators, writers and editors of fantasy, science fiction and horror in or from New Zealand. The organisation was founded in March 2009 to build a community focused on the promotion and proliferation of all aspects of the speculative fiction genre in this country.

SpecFicNZ officially launched in August 2010 at Au Contraire, New Zealand’s 31st National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Wellington, New Zealand.

SpecFicNZ has many features for members:

  • Networking online and in person with writers, artists and publishing professionals
  • A critique group for writers
  • Advocating for speculative fiction in New Zealand, and for kiwi spec fic abroad
  • Resources and information for New Zealand writers and publishers
  • Exclusive writing competitions, with prizes such as books, cash, opportunities for your work to be reviewed by publishers or professional publication
  • Regular giveaways of books and writerly swag

We welcome new members. Find out more about membership here, or join now!

Searching by Rebekah Holguin
Searching by Rebekah Holguin


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