We think there are many intangible benefits to being part of a national or local writers association; a sense of solidarity, encouragement, camaraderie, friendship, informal mentorship, (fun squiggly green parties), and more.

However, below is a list of tangible benefits we currently offer to members of SpecFicNZ.

  1. A monthly e-newsletter specifically geared toward writers of speculative fiction in or from New Zealand.
  2. A member profile and free promotion on our website.
  3. Access to members-only content, resources, calls for submission, and network opportunities.
  4. A member discount at SpecFicNZ sponsored events.
  5. A SpecFicNZ website or blog icon to flaunt your membership all over the internet.

We fully intend on adding to the list, so be sure to let us know via our contact form if there is some way you would like to see SpecFicNZ benefit you.

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