Podcast. Does that sound interesting?

Kia ora, in the SpecFicNZ Core we have been talking about creating a podcast about speculative fiction and related interests with a New Zealand focus.

There are loads of podcasts out there, but not one that specifically promotes our members and their interests.

If you would like to:

  • Help create the podcast, either behind or in front of the mic.
  • Be interviewed on the podcast.
  • Support the podcast in some other way.

Then flick an email to web@specfic.nz

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Featured Work Podcasts 

All That Glitters

All That Glitters, by Dan Rabarts

The two agents broke into a run, following the tunnel down, deeper, noting a second, a third, and even more clusters of dynamite along the cavern walls, all spooling them down, ever down, into the shadows.

As they ran, they smelt the smoke. It filled the shaft like a thin haze, and stank of grease. The shaft curved away and then, around the bend, the rails came to an end. Beyond the bumper, where a lone cart clunked softly against the timber with the rhythm of the chaindrive, a vast blackness stretched out. A dozen candles melted into pools of wax along the edges of the shaft, and the string of gaslights came to an end, their light barely penetrating past the cavernous throat. | Read More...

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Featured Work Podcasts Short Story 

Elias, Smith and Jones

Elias, Smith and Jones by Mark English in Escape Pod, January 31, 2013

He chuckled to himself as he looked up at the wall of people in front of him. Political leaders, military leaders, space systems engineers; all desperate to hear the words of an aged ship’s monkey from the Frontier. All because he and his co-conspirators had blackmailed the solar system.

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Paul Mannering On the Radio

On Tuesday 7th August, SpecFicNZ member Paul Mannering, self published author and editor, will be talking about ebooks and the process of publishing them on the developing market of the Amazon Kindle.

Also joining the discussion with a view from the traditional side of book publishing will be Kevin Chapman of Hachette Books New Zealand Ltd.

Airing around 11.20 AM on National Radio, and probably available afterwards on podcast through the usual site www.radionz.co.nz

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Tales of the Archives Winner Live!

This last January, SpecFicNZ ran a fiction contest with Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris for their Tales from the Archives Podcast Anthology.

We are pleased to announce that Catherine Ford’s story, “The Wrong Camera”, was chosen as one of the winners and has just gone live HERE.

Blythe is very excited to receive a camera for her birthday, but finds that gifts can have their price. What she sees through the lens offers a chilling insight into the future that people will kill for. | Read More...

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