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Steam Press Short SF Story Competition

Steam Press, renowned for titles such as Mansfield with Monsters, The Prince of Soul and the LighthouseWind City, The Factory World,  DownMind and others, has been acquired by Eunoia Publishing.

Steam Press will continue to publish speculative fiction.

To celebrate Eunoia acquiring the company, Steam Press is running an international science fiction short story writing competition, with a prize of $USD500.00.

Entries must be 1000–1500 words, and should be science fiction, not fantasy. For more details and to submit your short stories go to: | Read More...

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Weekend Reads For Cold Days

July in Aotearoa might be more about freezing southerlies than ice-zombies from the North, but honestly, at least the latter has novelty value. Winter has well and truly arrived; time to snuggle up with some reading.

At the Edge, edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, is now available in bookstores around New Zealand – or, for those of you who would prefer not to get out of bed (or onto a plane) to get your hands on a copy, you can find the ebook at all the usual haunts, and the paperback from Amazon. Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest in Australasian SFF? Click here for links. | Read More...

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SpecFicNZ Writers Well-Represented at Recent Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Sir Julius Vogel Awards


At the recent National Science Fiction Convention (Au Contraire 3) held in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday Weekend, the winners of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards were announced. The Sir Julius Vogel Awards recognise achievements by New Zealanders, both amateur and professional, in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

SFFANZ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand) President, Norman Cates, prior to announcing the awards, commented that SFFANZ was “delighted with the level of participation and interest in the awards from an impressively wide variety of people.” | Read More...

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Featured Work 

Auckland Allies 2: Ghost Bridge

Auckland Allies 2: Ghost Bridge by Mike Reeves-McMillan.

The Auckland Allies discover a mysterious threat in the city’s oldest cemetery, and their first attempt to intervene leaves one of them in hospital – the same hospital the necromancer calling himself “Mr. Smith” is about to attack with four thousand angry Victorian ghosts.

Hundreds of the city’s most vulnerable people are in danger. Will a magical manuscript by Sir Isaac Newton provide the knowledge they need to take Smith down? Or can Steampunk Sally use her deep connection with Auckland to defend its citizens? | Read More...

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Kiwi Author Takes on Sci-Fi Universe in New International Collaboration

Babylon’s Song by Kiwi writer, Woelf Dietrich features in the new anthology, Interspecies, Volume 1, The Inlari Sagas.

These are generally hard-hitting stories about a grim future world. . . . I found the exploration mind-stretching . . .—Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Xanth Series 

Interspecies is a solid science fiction anthology that provides entertaining reading for a thinking person and sets a high bar. . . . These are writers to watch.—Keith West, Adventure Fantastic and Futures Past and Present  | Read More...

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Everything is Fine

Everything is Fine by Grant Stone

A house at the edge of a prehistoric valley.
A suitcase that can take you to 1980.
A payphone that lets you call the dead.

Twenty tales from award-winning author Grant Stone, including six all-new stories.

From a trip to the supermarket to the edge of everything. From Auckland to London to places far beyond any map. The sun may set before we reach our destination. But don’t worry.

Everything is going to be fine.

Available now from Amazon, Gumroad or Smashwords, ebook or paperback. | Read More...

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Deadline Delivery

Deadline Delivery by Peter Friend My first ebook is out – let’s hope this interweb thing catches on 🙂 It’s also available in dead tree format:…/dp/1522878475/ To quote from the blurb:

You’re just another poor kid living in the flooded under-city. Life is hard every day, especially for a courier like you, delivering packages to the under-city’s most dangerous neighbourhoods, while dodging pirate gangs, wild animals and security robots. But today is no normal day – today, you might end up as an explorer, or a froggy, or a trainee manager. Or dead. Or worse. It’s your choice. Be careful out there.
Oh … and watch out for crocodiles and the two-legged dog.
|

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Featured Work Kiwi Writers 

Pisces of Fate

Pisces of Fate, by Paul Mannering 
Published by Paper Road Press

When Ascott Pudding’s parents died, he ran to the ends of the earth – or to the tropical Aardvark Archipelago, which is essentially the same thing. But distance is relative and now a retired god has turned up with more bad news: Ascott’s sister, Charlotte, is probably dying too.

Charlotte isn’t the only endangered Pudding. Before Ascott can go home and save his sister from uncertain death, he’ll have to escape a homicidal octopus, a migrating whale pod, and several varieties of pirate. | Read More...

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Featured Work Kiwi Writers 

Auckland Allies

Auckland Allies by Mike Reeves-McMillan

As bit players in the world of magic, Tara, Sparx, and their clairvoyant acquaintance Steampunk Sally are careful to stay clear of New Zealand’s supernatural politics. So after Sally uses her powers to win a little money at blackjack, it’s a nasty surprise when hired goons come after them.

Hitting the streets, they try to find out who these Blokes in Black work for, why such a dangerous and powerful figure has his sights set on three magical nobodies–and how to protect themselves. | Read More...

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Changels Genesis

Probably New Zealand’s largest novel is out now!

Changels Genesis, the 666,212-word, 6-part epic, has been relaunched on Amazon in a 3rd edition after extensive revision. This is accompanied by a stunning new website at

Changels Genesis is a detective story with supernatural and science fiction elements aimed at the young adult market. It’s a little bit Artemis Fowl meets the The X-Files, with an action-packed plot and diverse characters.

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These Broken Worlds

These Broken Worlds introduces readers to a universe where a war between humans and aliens has decimated the Earth, leaving only Australia and New Zealand habitable. The rest of the planet is a burned up stew of toxic waste. This mini-kōsalogy lays the foundation for a new science fiction series, Interspecies, Kōsa Press’s flagship kōsalogy (what we call our shared universe anthologies) which will be released in 2015.

In These Broken Worlds, a scavenger frantically searches her dying planet for discarded tech in a last minute effort to save her lover. An old man remembers first contact and the devastating consequences to life on Earth. The birth of a hybrid threatens to disrupt a human community, but who is really to blame? A male alien uses unconventional means to court a human woman with a surprising result. A woman obsessed with vengeance conjures something dark and evil that will change her life forever. And an old alien regales children with tales of interstellar exodus. | Read More...

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Featured Work 

Pay the Piper: Hathe Book Two

Pay the Piper: Hathe Book Two by Mary Brock Jones

The war is over, but surviving the peace may be their toughest fight yet.

For five years, Earth ruled Hathe, taking what they needed, especially the energy-rich mineral, urgonium,  it must have to survive. For five years, the Hathians kept their world safe by hiding behind a façade, posing as subservient peasants and pretending all the wealth and knowledge of Hathe has vanished. Then came the time for Hathe to fight back, and for the Terrans to learn how wrong they were. | Read More...

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Featured Work 

Resistance: Hathe Book One

Resistance: Hathe Book One by Mary Brock Jones

When two, opposed worlds must fight for their very survival, what chance is there for a pair of duty-plagued lovers caught in the middle?

Five long years ago, the Terran invaders appeared in the skies above Hathe and life on that peaceful and wealthy planet changed forever. Now, the time has come to throw the invaders out. The Hathians are about to reclaim Hathe.

Hamon Radcliff is one of those Terrans. He must use any means available to keep Hathe in Terran control, no matter how much he hates it, for Earth cannot survive without the urgonium found only on Hathe. It’s their main energy source. But all the rules change when he captures a woman of the long-lost Hathian ruling class, a woman he strongly suspects is an undercover agent for a secret Hathian resistance movement. | Read More...

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Pawns of Heaven

Pawns of Heaven by Rainer Süss

When the Premier of Zanix is murdered by Pantoja’andese mercenaries, Zanixese Agent Surat is ordered to Pantoja’and to investigate. He crosses paths with Agent Kainaka – the estranged daughter of a local crime lord tasked to investigate a potential family connection to an ancient prophecy. But Kainaka has her own secrets to contend with as they start unraveling a diabolical plot spanning centuries and distant worlds, and they are yet to realize that more than just the fate of their respective nations rests upon their shoulders. | Read More...

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Featured Work 

A Mer-Tale

A Mer-Tale by Jan M. Goldie “We Mer are real. There’s nothing mythological about us. We’ve inhabited Earth’s seas for millions of years. But about one thousand years ago, all that changed. The Spratonites arrived and suddenly we were kicked out of our own home. Now we slum it in the human world.” Land-trapped mermaid Thala struggles to accept her privileged life. Isolated, bored and forbidden to delve into her family’s bloody past, Thala feels like a prisoner and longs for change. When visitors from a rival pod reveal a… | Read More...

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