And after the Con…

come the Con reports.

For those of you who missed Au Contraire, or even for those of us who attended but would love to know about a panel we missed or an event we couldn’t attend, there is always the Con report.

Luckily, many writers post their Con reports on their blogs complete with pictures and commentary.  Reading other attendee’s Con reports tends to round out your experience and often results in gems of information and knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise gleaned.

So, here’s a list of Con reports about Au Contraire:

Nicole Murphy’s Con report

Joffre Horlor’s Con report (with some great pics)

Amanda Fitzwater’s Con report

Anna Caro’s brief but poignant Con report from the perspective of a recovering ConCom member.

Nicholas Chrustowski’s Con report

Tim Jones’ very thorough three-part Con report

Concatenation’s report on Au Contraire

If you’ve written an Au Contraire report or know of  one and would like it added to this list, simply e-mail SpecFicNZ  ([email protected]) with the link and we’ll add it to the list.

Happy reading.

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