Shades of Sentience Short Story Contest


The website Shades of Sentience is having a contest.  Steampunk, of course, is the theme.  That’s not all though.  The stories you weave will need to represent the height of steampunk – all that is daring and unique and sweepingly epic about it.  This will be the first step in a battle of the two great punk genres.  Next years competition theme will be cyberpunk.  When both comps are complete we will choose a selection of stories for our next anthology.  As yet unnamed, it will be a flip book with two covers – cyberpunk on one side, steampunk on the other.  So this year, represent steampunk with everything you’ve got, because next year it’ll be cyberpunks turn.

For your efforts you can win up to $200AU in prize money and the chance to be published on Shades of Sentience.  Entry is $5AU and you can write up to a maximum of 3500 words.

The competition is only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

Competition closes 31st December 2010.

Winners will be announced January 31st 2011.


1st Prize – $200 AU
2nd Prize – $100 AU
3rd Prize – $50 AU

For more information, go here.

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