Introducing the SpecFicNZ Committee

Ever wonder who works behind the scenes producing the newsletter, developing this website, keeping the books, and planning the direction of SpecFicNZ’s future? Well, let me introduce the 2010-2011 SpecFicNZ Core Committee.

Founder and President, Ripley Patton

Treasurer, Andrew Robins

Scribe and Webwizard, Joffre Horlor

Resident Dog Lover, Wen Baragrey

Wellington Representative, Anna Caro

Consummate Encourager, Cassie Hart

Proofreading Goddess, Karen Johnson Mead

Check out the SpecFicNZ Member Profiles linked to their names to find out more about them.

This volunteer committee will be serving and governing SpecFicNZ until our 2011 Annual General Meeting (likely to be held at ConText) at which time a new committee will be elected by the membership.

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