The Importance of ConTeXT

ConTeXT is the 32nd New Zealand National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, being held in Auckland from 3rd to 6th June 2011 – over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. You can find the ConText web site here which contains location, cost, guests and other information. Although for draft programme info, you need to look here.

The national convention is an annual not-for-profit event which is run by fans for fans. The administration of the bidding process for who runs the event is handled by SFFANZ, but each convention is run by an independent organising committee.

Besides the usual fan workshops and events, this year’s NatCon is offering a special writers workshop before the Con, given by Catheringe Asaro, and will include author panels and shorter writing sessions and events (such as readings) throughout, as the Con usually does.

Fan Cons aren’t just for fans. They are also a valuable place for writers to learn, meet and network with other writers, and connect to the pulse of fandom.

The Sir Julius Vogel awards (the New Zealand SF&F awards) are also voted for and presented at the national convention. Members of the convention as well as SFFANZ members are eligible to vote for the awards.

Context registration for the whole Con is currently $80, but will go up to $110 the first of April, so if you are planning to attend, now is a good time to register.

If you have any questions, drop the organisers a line at [email protected].

Hope to see you there this year.

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