Short Story Contest Update

As you all know, the deadline for the first SpecFicNZ short story contest has come and gone (March 31, 2011).

Yesterday, we checked in with senior editor of Wily Writers Website, Angel McCoy, who has chosen an independent (and thus far secret) judge to select the two winners for publication in the Wily’s June issue (plus cash prizes). We just wanted to be sure she had received an adequate number and quality of submissions, given the huge disruption the earthquakes have been (and still are) to many of us.

The amazing news is that Angel received a grand total of 32 short story submission. With a membership of only 75 that is pretty impressive. And they weren’t just any old stories. The word from Angel, who admitted she’s peeked at many of them, is that there are “some awesome good stories in there,” and that the judge’s task is going to be a difficult one.

SpecFicNZ wants to extend a giant congratulation to all of you who wrote stories, polished them up, and had the courage to send them in.

We couldn’t have asked for a better spirit of participation from our members.

Thank you all.

Results of the contest should be announced mid-May.

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