Newly Nominated Committee

It is with great pleasure that SpecFicNZ would like to introduce you to the Newly Nominated SpecFicNZ Committee.

These are the people who have been nominated and accepted the nomination for each position, but they are not officially the governing committee of SpecFicNZ until the membership votes them in. None of the positions are contested, but we will still be conducting a Vote of Confidence at our virtual AGM (conducted via online chat) on August 20th, 2011 (2:00-4:00pm). Please note* We will not be conducting a ballot by e-mail or the web (as previously announced), but you can still vote by proxy, or lodge your vote by e-mail, if you cannot make the meeting.



Ripley Patton

Ripley is one of the twelve core founders of SpecFicNZ and the person who first conceptualized and researched the viability of a national speculative fiction writers association for New Zealand. Ripley is passionate about SpecFicNZ and has served unwaveringly as its President for its first year, hoping to continue to do so for the year to come. Ripley is also an award-winning short story writer and has just completed her first novel.


Mark English

In his professional life Mark is the General Manager of a successful software company with offices in Christchurch and Wellington that provides services to central and local government. He is no stranger to the balance sheet and can bring his skills with Excel as well as marketing, and negotiating to the Treasurer role.

In his family life he emigrated to NZ in 2003 with his wife and two kids, and has since accumulated another child, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and mice. Having children introduced him to story telling.

In his fantasy life he has been a nascent writer for many years, but has only recently discovered that to live this life you have to write it down and publish it. This is where his connection with SpecFicNZ started. He has found inspiration and support from his membership and is enjoying his foray into the murky world of writing.


Cassie Hart

Cassie is one of the twelve core founders of SpecFicNZ and has lent her amazing encouragement and capability to us ever since. Cassie is a writer, editor, mother, and has also served as the SpecFicNZ liaison to Kiwi Writers, where she is actively involved.


Joffre Horlor

Joff helped design and launch the SpecFicNZ website and has served as our amazing Web Wizard over the last year. He works tirelessly and without complaint, is a talented coder, and happens to have the most awesome dwarven beard ever.


Catherine Ford

Last, but certainly not least, we are thrilled to have Catherine Ford on board.

She joined SpecFicNZ early this year, looking for advice to help her on her journey towards becoming a published writer. Although she is not yet published, she has learned a lot in her time as a SpecFicNZ member, and has gained so much, she would now like to give something back.

Catherine is a graduate of Whitireia Polytechnic’s Diploma in Publishing, the only such course in New Zealand. On the course she learned a lot about the publishing industry and gained useful skills (e.g. typesetting – she designed the new look for the monthly SpecFicNZ newsletter). She would like to apply her skills to further SpecFicNZ’s cause.


Unfilled: There were no accepted nominations for this committee position, so it will remain empty for the coming year.


SpecFicNZ would like to formally thank outgoing committee members Wen Baragrey, Andrew Robins, and Anna Caro for their faithful and amazing service to SpecFicNZ over the last year. Thank you so much for your service.

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