aqua (n) – water, used in compound names, or substances in water.

synthesis (n) – The combining of elements into a unified entity.

aquasynthesis (n) – a combining of worlds within a pool of water; an anthology of short stories from Splashdown authors.

Splashdown Books, founded by SpecFicNZ member Grace Bridges in 2009, is a small independent publisher of Christian and inspirational science fiction and fantasy operating out of New Zealand for the world.

In Splashdown’s new anthology, Aquasynthesis, Gizile follows her mysterious teacher, Tok, as they look into the ice of an ocean pool to contemplate a series of strange and mystical visions: astonishing tales of technology and transcendence, aliens and elves, space and time, dragons and demons, prophecies and scriptures, humor and horror, the gifted and the enslaved, virtual and supernatural reality, insanity and inspiration.

Dive into the creations of the Splashdown wordsmiths.  Visit the edges of story worlds you love already, and taste their delights if you are new to Splashdown’s universe.

Aquasynthesis is available through Amazon HERE now in Kindle version for only 2.99.

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