Twitter Love Competition Results

The voting is over, the results are in! And the winners are:

1st prize (a copy of The Complete Guide to Writing Paranormal Novels): Darusha Wehm: “Empty space beside me shimmers, then I see your head dent the pillow. The sheet mimics lips, fingertips on skin. I will never be lonely.”

2nd prize (NZ$10): Claire Buckingham: “I was once a sushi chef. As the loving tentacles wind gently about my waist and wrists, it feels something like pre-emptive betrayal.”

3rd prize (NZ$5): Simon Petrie: “When I think of what that kiss did / How I wish that you existed.”

And the winner from among the committee members’ entries:

Mark English: “The weight of the box pressed itself into her awareness as she re-read the note. ‘My Valentine, I give you my heart. Packing slip enclosed.'”

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who voted!

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