Novella Call for Submissions

Winter Well: Speculative Novellas of Older Women – open submissions

Crossed Genres is looking for speculative stories featuring women of advancing age (late middle age and older). They’re smart, they’re tough, and they have wills of their own.

They may be warriors, politicians, adventurers, etc. Even if they are also wives, mothers, wise women or healers, those archetypes must not be their defining characteristics. Their motivations, their driving force, must be their own. Whatever was in their past, they’re not interested in being in the background now.

Crossed Genres wants stories about women breaking free of suppression; they also want stories of women who’ve been empowered all their lives.

They welcome and strongly encourage submissions with underrepresented main characters: characters of color, LGBTQ characters, etc.!


  • Science Fiction and/or Fantasy novellas
  • 17,500-40,000 words (firm)
  • Main character must be an older woman
  • Single-spaced, double-space between paragraphs. Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial, in 12 pt. (Note: Courier is evil.) Use DOC, DOCX or RTF format.
  • No simultaneous submissions. No reprints.


      Crossed Genres Publications takes exclusive worldwide print and digital rights for 1 year, then non-exclusive worldwide print and digital rights for 2 more years.

Payment is $2.50 per 1,000 words, plus one print copy & the ebook.

Also, Be sure to check out Crossed Genre’s current Kickstarter Project to raise money to continue their great publishing endeavors. Supporting them also gets you cool stuff like a copy of Fat Girl in a Strange Land featuring work by SpecFicNZ members Amanda Fitzwater and Anna Caro.

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