Congratulations Alicia!

Congratulations to SpecFicNZ member Alicia Ponder for placing runner up in the Arc 1.1 Short Story Competition with her story sci-fi story “Dying for the Record”.

“The Future Always Wins” was the theme for Arc Competition. Authors were encouraged to read Arc 1.1 to gain inspiration for their own stories. The short stories are set in the near future – near enough to be recognisable, but not so near as to be boring. These speculations of the future feature technology – from robotics 
to synthetic biology to geo-engineering – but don’t neglect the all-important human element.

Arc’s editors selected one story for publication in the May issue of Arc Magazine. That author received a £500 prize, while the five runners up were awarded £200.

Alicia’s story, “Dying for the Record” can be read free HERE in PDF form.

Go, have a read, and be sure to let Alicia know you enjoyed it.

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