Drugging a Unicorn

Can a unicorn be drugged?

Odd question? Yes. But the kind of question that bats around Ripley Patton’s head all the time.

You see, unicorn mythology says unicorns are pure. So pure, in fact, that they can only stand to be around virgins. So pure that one touch of their horn eliminates all impurities. It was a wise King of old who drank from a unicorn horn cup, keeping himself safe from poisoning.

So, the question remains, could a unicorn be drugged? What happens to all the “poison” they absorb. Where does it go, and could it possibly build up in their system over time? Could a unicorn get stoned out of its mind?

And what would humanity do with the puritanical properties of unicorns today, if they were readily at our disposal? How would we exploit them like the Kings of old? What would our modern day “unicorn horn cup” look like?

All these questions and more are explored in Ripley Patton’s latest short story, Mary had a Unicorn, recently released in the anthology, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear. co-edited by SpecFicNZ member Simon Petrie.  Yes, in the story, Ripley tries to drug a unicorn, or rather her nasty teen protagonist Mary does. Want to know more, check out her guest post on the Great Raven about the story and the anthology.

Want to know even more? Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear can be bought HERE, or you can comment HERE to win an e-book or review copy of the book. And Great Raven will be doing a series of posts on stories from the anthology including this one by Joanne Anderton on her story, The Bone Chime, another fantastic tale.

Go out and get yourself a copy of this!


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