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Penduline Press

Let Penduline Press know if you have some amazing writing or artwork you would like featured in our magazine! We would love to hear from you.

We are accepting submissions of fiction (flash fiction, sudden fiction, short stories, and prose poetry) and artwork for Issue 7 through the deadline date of November 15th, 2012.

 The issue theme is: New Zealand

We are seeking works that are intentionally shorter in structure and length; submissions longer than 5000 words will neither be read nor considered. You must submit via our electronic submissions manager. We love shorter work, and ask that longer pieces be below 5000 words. We do not accept previously published work; we accept simultaneous submissions but require that you promptly inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere. Penduline asks for first serial rights and the right to keep your work in our archives. After publication, all other rights revert back to the author. Authors should, in any future reprints, mention that their work first saw publication in Penduline.

For details, please check out the submissions page here

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