When months collide…

Love may be fleeting, but your SpecFicNZ committee plan to make it last a little longer. We dug some worm holes out of the garden, blended them with a cute kitten calendar donated by Aunty Causality, and topped the goop off with a spoonful of she’ll-be-right. We can now proudly declare that February and March met, hit it off, and have agreed to combine in the spirit of romance. FebruMarch will run until the real-world dull date of April 2nd, 2013. We’d stop on the first, but none of you would be fooled.

Wow, you say, but what does this mean?

Keeping it relatively simple, the deadlines for the Twitter Love and Going Global contests have been extended, stretched, and teased out to make the most of this fascinating double-month. You now have until –

April 2, 2013 to finish polishing your entry to the Going Global Novel Contest, where you could win an in-depth critique of your work as well as other awesome goodies and cash.

April 2, 2013 (the same date!) to whittle down your epic five volume romance to 140 characters for the Twitter Love contest, where you can win a fantastic book of your choice.

Don’t delay. The universe takes offence at fiddling with its physics and will snap us back into real time before we’ve gotten used to writing FebruMarch in our diaries.


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