Wellington Meet up

A group of Wellington Writers are meeting this Friday, 23 August, from 11-1pm at Clarks’ cafe in the central library.

They’ll be at a table near the back entrance. This group includes SpecFicNZ members and other local writers, and everyone is welcome to come along. Bring something short to critique if you’d like, and there will also be a short writing exercise if people are interested.

Non-members are very welcome to attend.

2 thoughts on “Wellington Meet up

  1. Kia ora, Liz,
    I’ll be meeting and greeting specfic afficionadoes at Unity/Wellington Tue. afternoon, 6 May, at 4 … and signing copies of my novella, DownMind, that Steam published this past November [see http://www.downmind.com]. I’m in the process of adapting the novella for screen, and would also be happy to share the ins-and-outs of that process. After the signing, we’ll be retreating to a Mexican cafe. What’s the best way to get word out to Wellington and Kapiti speculators? {I was a visiting member of Kapiti Meet-up during summer residency at Vic 2012-13.}

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