SpecFicShorts Weekly Challenge

Challenge your creativity with SpecFicShorts – a weekly contest to write a 20-word story using 5 random prompt words.

Entries open when the challenge words are posted in the SpecFicNZ Competitions discussion group each Wednesday morning, and run until about 5pm, when we’ll announce a winner. Make sure to put your entry in the comment thread of the week’s content post, rather than as a new post so that we’re able to easily find it!

No prizes; just a soupçon of glory and a little exercise to get the creative juices flowing.

Previous winners

14 May, 2014: Grandiloquent; griffon; harbour; aunt; err

“Grandiloquent, really? You err, nephew. Harbour no rancour nor resentment; I’m your aunt, not your mother. Your griffon, your mess!”
—Mark Brewer

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