Reconnaissance Update

It’s Full Steam Ahead for Reconnaissance the 36th New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention to be held in Rotorua at Easter 2015.

Co-chair Andrew says it will be exciting to have many attendees “Punked-Up” in their finest Steam Punk wares to welcome their Guests of Honour – Gail Carriger, Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris, Award winning and NY Times top ten best selling authors who will be attending the convention at the Sudima Lake Rotorua.

Marie Williams co-chair from Bookwormz Bookshop in Papatoetoe Auckland agrees, adding it’s been too long since a National Convention (NatCon) was held in Rotorua.

The Sir Julius Vogel award ceremony, for numerous artistic and literary endeavours, will be held together with a number of lively daytime panels discussing anything from Joss Whedon’s Women, Star Trek old or new or even can my sewing machine handle three layers of leather and lace at the same time?

“With Steam Punk costuming, the style is avant garde and almost anything goes,” Andrew chimes in. “I’m a Doctor Who fan from way back when… and I knitted a 30 foot scarf for my costume. Naturally I was excited to see Tom Baker steal the 50th anniversary program with his cameo.”

NatCons have been running for 40 years in almost perfect succession and are gatherings of like-minded people, celebrating their love of all things Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. They differ from other events such as Armageddon and AetherCon as they aren’t as commercially centred and don’t focus on the merchandising.

For further details visit the website or email [email protected] or drop in and see Marie at Bookwormz, 24 St George St, Papatoetoe Ph 09 2772887

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