Submission Opportunity: Eastern Iowa Review

This is a new literary journal seeking fiction and non-fiction (and art if anyone is so inclined). I am helping select the fiction – all genres are welcome and I would love to see some speculative work! BUT it *has* to be literary, i.e. a focus on beautiful language (we love description!); AND for this particular journal, we are looking for “good spaces”. This doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen, but please do leave us satisfied at the end and try to avoid dwelling on anything pessimistic, religious, or sexual. We want it to be kid-friendly. The ideal submission is brief, lushly written, with immersive description. Vignettes are cool when they pack a punch of positive energy. And does anyone have some black and white speculative art?

For more information on how to submit, please read the journal’s main page at and the Epic Guidelines at

“What we seek: Place-based themes, literary vitality, moral consequence, the sharply beautiful and achingly honest but without a focus on the darkness. Show us the good and glorious respites between the hurt; show us those good spaces.”

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got! ~ Grace Bridges (assistant editor)

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