Auckland Allies – Review

Auckland Allies, by Mike Reeves-McMillan

Reviewed by Nix Whittaker.

I’m a big fan of stories that represent who we are. I hadn’t realised how important it was to also have stories set in places familiar to us as well. Auckland Allies is set in Auckland where I went to Uni just like Steampunk Sally. The places the Auckland Allies run around is a wallow in nostalgia that was glorious.

Auckland Allies is set in modern times but with people with magic, called practitioners, Tara is a Maker and Sparx is her neighbour. They end up being chased by blokes in black all because Tara did some work for Sally. A mistake on their part as instead of keeping their plans secret they made enemies. Okay, they aren’t powerful enemies but they are resourceful.

The core characters all appeal as Sparx and Sally speak to my geeky side in different ways while Tara reminds me of how all of us might put on a tough shell but really we are all squishy feelings inside. This is a great story that I’ll be pointing out to all my friends, especially those who lived in Auckland like I did.

Five stars all round. Everyone should read this and that says a lot because I’m not a fan of male writers, but the female characters are so well written and they aren’t the wimpy kind either than need saving. In fact, I reckon if anyone needs saving it would be Sparx first.

[The reviewer received this book for free in return for an honest review.]

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