‘Write & Sell Your Novel’ Course offered by Local Author

‘Write & Sell Your Novel’ Course offered by Local Author

Steff Green, New York TImes and USA Today bestselling author of sixteen dark dystopian fantasy and paranormal romance novels and regular speaker at the Romance Writers of New Zealand conferences, is offering an eight-week training course on the topic of Making Your First Indie $1000.

The course will cover plotting, finishing what you start, indie publishing options, managing outsourcing, identifying and reaching readers, and more. Registation is open now, and the course starts on May 15th, 2017 at a cost of $99USD.

Steff says: “This course is ideal for writers of all levels of experience who want to try and build a successful indie author career. Whether you’ve yet to finish that first novel, or you’ve been publishing for a while but haven’t hit your income goals yet, I can help give you a plan to make your dreams a reality.

This course isn’t for those people who want to write just one book and forget it, but people who want to make a viable living as an author. It’s ideally suited to genre writers, but literary writers will find much of value also.

If you are writing something other than novels – poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, shopping lists – you will find some aspects applicable, and others not so much.”

For full details, check out Steff’s website.


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