Voiceless, by EG Wilson – a review

Voiceless, by EG Wilson – a review

Voiceless by EG Wilson

Review by A.J. Ponder

Adelaide Te Ngawai’s voice is stolen, and not just her voice, her ability to communicate. She knows who infected her, Maunga Richards. But why would Maunga give her Vox Pox?

It’s the worst thing imaginable, especially for a writer, but Adelaide’s brother makes her a device to help her cope, and slowly but surely Adelaide begins to claw her life back. Still, nothing about the illness makes any sense, it’s restricted to a small area, and appears to be a man-made condition. But how? And why? Adelaide is determined to unravel the mystery.

She plans to confront Maunga in a virtual reality world, and what she finds is what makes this book so fascinating. I loved the bizarre world of the virtual reality, and how the plot twists and turns inside it.

Although character and the plot were at times subserviant to the themes, it was still a fun book, and EG Wilson did a great job of exploring her dual themes of self-expression and disablity. For a new author, she had a strong, and enjoyable voice relevant to her character, and as a part of that voice, there were poem-style interludes to add resonance. I enjoyed the interludes, but never fear, they’re not vital to the plot.

An enjoyable read, with interesting social commentary, and definitely an author to keep an eye on.

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