AGM June 10, 2018, 2pm – Agenda and Venue




You must be a current financial member to attend. Please follow the link to the webform if you wish to join or renew.




Confirmation of the Previous AGM Minutes

Business Arising from the Previous AGM

Chairman’s Report – Grace Bridges

Treasurer’s Report – Paul Mannering

Election of Officers

President – currently one nomination: Grace Bridges

Treasurer – currently one nomination: Paul Mannering

Secretary – position vacant, no nominations

Webmaster – position vacant, no nominations

Publicity – position vacant, no nominations

Core – three nominations (up to 8): Grant Stone, Darian Smith, Piper Mejia

Ratification of Life Membership Policy

General Business



Appendix: DRAFT DOCUMENT: 20/11/2017

For SpecFicNZ Ratification



1.0 Criteria for Nomination and Selection of Life-Time Membership in SpecFicNZ

1.1.1    In recognition of services to Speculative Fiction within New Zealand and internationally, it is proposed that nominated persons be offered a life time membership status in SpecFicNZ.


1.1.2    Persons can be nominated by any current financial or life-time member of SpecFicNZ


1.1.3    Nominated persons will be assessed by the current SpecFicNZ core committee, or a panel of persons selected and appointed by that committee.


1.1.4    Nominated persons do not have to be current members of SpecFicNZ.


1.1.5    Primary nomination criteria are that the nominee has made a contribution to speculative fiction in New Zealand (or internationally) that is considered to be of exceptional value or has a lasting impact on the development and support of speculative fiction.


1.1.6    If a person or persons nominated and reviewed by the committee are granted life-time membership status they will be advised in writing and their name and brief biography will be added to the SpecFicNZ website.


1.1.7    A suitable graphic, or certificate may be designed and produced for presentation to the life-time member to acknowledge their status and contribution.


1.1.8    Life-time membership can only be revoked by a unanimous decision by the current SpecFicNZ committee. Criteria for revocation will be determined by that committee.


1.1.9    Life-time membership shall be granted for the life-time of that member.


1.1.10  All actions relating to the selection and or revocation of a life-time membership are to be documented by the current selection committee.


1.1.11  Announcements of selected life-time members will be made at the SpecFicNZ AGM and communicated to members in writing within 30 days of that AGM.


Benefits of life-time membership will include:

2.1       Gratis membership in SpecFicNZ for as long as the member wishes.

Inclusion in a published list of life-time members published on the SpecFicNZ website.


2.2       Life-time members may be honorary, and all life-time members are not required to accept membership or provide support or endorsement of SpecFicNZ or any services, products, and events sponsored or facilitated by SpecFicNZ.

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