GeyserCon Fiction & Art Contest is Live!

GeyserCon Fiction & Art Contest is Live!


All you wanted to do was go to GeyserCon: the 40th New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Rotorua. But when you get there, you find that strange things are afoot. Some tall guy in the gaming room insists that he really is an elven prince; a famous redshirt impersonator has mysteriously vanished, and some of the kids are gone too. Meanwhile, local police are called to explain to a fabulously-dressed Space Marine that he can’t carry guns on a public street, even if they’re fake – but they do look ultra-realistic. Hmm!

The geyser behind the hotel goes off again, as it does nearly every hour. In the blink of an eye, you think you see people disappearing, appearing – not the same people. With every eruption, it seems like there are more Regency ladies and deerstalker-wearing detective types than ever before – and less normals.
Then – whoosh – you blink and find YOU are somewhere else. In a storyworld. A magical forest with people wondering where their prince got to? A combat spaceship missing its captain? Derbyshire, or Baker Street? It’s your decision. GeyserCon is full of worlds…

Your story can follow a present-day person into a storyworld, or a fictional person into the real world, or a team-up of both, or any strange thing happening in Rotorua that weekend, where fiction might spill over into reality. Take it any direction you like…What if the person who ended up on the spaceship was dressed as a wizard…or a fake space captain?

For copyright purposes, your stories may not name any specific fictional characters unless they are general (like elves or little green men or anything that has become common), fairytale, mythological, or out of copyright (like Sherlock; please do your research and make sure). You MAY refer to them in non-specific ways, such as describing their clothing and character without using copyrighted names.
GeyserWorlds is set in Rotorua. If you don’t know the area, remember that hotels are the same everywhere, and so are urban/suburban streets. Our editors can help with local details as needed; it’s your story that counts.

Short stories including flash fiction, 100 to 5000 words
Poetry, any type, up to 100 lines
Artwork – for the cover or for interior use, 6×9″ at 300DPI

FAMILY-FRIENDLY: All content must be PG

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be sponsored by SpecFicNZ
All selected entries will be published in GEYSERWORLDS, the GeyserCon 2019 Fundraising Anthology, in print and ebook.

THIS IS A FUNDRAISING COMPETITION. Open to registered members of GeyserCon 2019, including non-attending members. You may purchase non-attending membership and upgrade it later if you decide to come. REGISTRATION IS OPEN AT


Contributors will not be paid; all profits will go towards funding the conference. Contributors will be able to buy copies at cost price. GeyserCon asks only for non-exclusive publication rights. All other rights return to contributors upon publication. Reprints are welcome (though you may need to tweak the details to make it fit). GeyserWorlds will be available globally in print and ebook. By entering, you agree to these conditions.

SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: geyserworlds at gmail dot com

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