A Review of Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, by Lee Murray

JDawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, by Lee Murray

Review by A.J. Ponder


Have you downloaded the zombie apocalypse recently?

That’s the question Seb has to ask himself the morning after he downloads an awesome zombie game, subliminal quotient and all—whatever subliminal quotient means, it’s got to be cool, doesn’t it?  Almost as cool as the rest of the special effects. Fireballs, and zombie hands reaching out of the screen. Seb can’t wait to go home and play it.

But Seb’s friends, Darian and Talia, don’t think the game’s cool. They think the weird way the adults are behaving is all his fault. Which is crazy. With no teachers at school, Seb goes home. But there’s no time to play games! His little sister Ava is still smeared with breakfast and trapped in her high chair…

…maybe his friends are right and this is the zombie apocalypse.

Some problem solving needs to be done, and Seb knows he’s just the right person to do it. He can even make bath-time fun for his bath-phobic little sister. (Don’t ask, it’s a disaster. And Cody the dog, does not help)

Together, Seb and his friends have to carefully and hilariously figure out what’s wrong and make a plan to fix the zombie plague, but just as it looks like they might be on track, more adults arrive…and that’s when things get really tricky.

This hilarious and charming story is great reading for 8-12. I wish my kids were young so I could read them the adventures of Seb, Cody the dog and little Ava—the cutest bundle of trouble you will ever meet.

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