Introducing the SpecFicNZ Online Catalogue!

The SpecFicNZ Core is excited to bring you a project which has been in planning for several weeks already, in pursuit of our aim to make members’ books more visible to the public.

We are setting up a comprehensive book catalogue for our members, as a membership benefit, and as a place where we can send curious readers to find books in speculative genres. It’s also our hope that this will be used to connect readers with authors for direct purchases, because what author doesn’t have a box or two of books in the garage? Especially in the time of pandemic, NZ booksellers are struggling to stock their shelves, and we envisage them contacting you to buy copies. Pages will also include online purchase links that you provide, and other information.

How do you get your work included? Fill out these two forms:
Author Form – for your main personal feature page
Book Form – once for each book you have published, as the details are different for every book.

You may also list anthologies where you have contributed work, if the editor is not a member of SpecFicNZ.

When you have new books in future, please return to the book form and fill it out again so we can include it in the next update. We suggest you bookmark this page for the purpose.

Once the back catalogue is mostly in place, we would like to use new additions in a regular newsletter that readers, booksellers, libraries, schools, etc, will be able to sign up for to be informed about the latest publications.

We hope to get this up and running without delay, so please add your details as soon as you are able! We look forward to connecting you and your books to more of the reading public.

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