Something to Look Forward to in 2021

My cat–practicing for Zoom bombing the SpecFicNZ virtual workshops

2020 has been … challenging, to put it mildly. I think we’ll all be happy to put the year behind us.

But there’s more to look forward to in 2021 than simply the end of the current year. SpecFicNZ has some awesome things in store for its members next year. One initiative I’m particularly excited about is our virtual professional development workshops.

By necessity, we’ve all become much more comfortable with virtual meetings, workshops, and social events over the past year. CoNZealand has shown us it’s possible to host even complex events with large numbers of participants.

We’re not planning anything on the scale of CoNZealand, of course, but hopefully within the next few weeks, we’ll solidify a schedule of fabulous virtual workshops that will be free for SpecFicNZ members to attend.

Those workshops will be given by both local and international presenters, on topics running the gamut from world building and creating characters, to getting the attention of an overseas agent, to marketing your books as an indie author, to doing your accounting, and much more. 

Our goal, to begin with, is to host one professional development workshop a month throughout 2021. That’s twelve awesome free opportunities to hone your skills without leaving home!

We think that’s something to celebrate and to look forward to in the new year. Stay tuned! More details will be coming soon.

And if there’s anyone you’d like to recommend as a presenter, feel free to drop their name into the comments below.

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