Call for submissions: Announcing the 2021 SpecFicNZ Anthology

Do you have a story or poem inside you bursting to get out (or already published)? Great!

Is it about a disaster (or more to the point, recovering from one)? Even better.

SpecFicNZ are seeking submissions for the upcoming SpecFicNZ 2021 Anthology.

The theme of this year’s anthology is “Aftermath: NZ Stories of Survival

A disaster (of some description) has occurred, and as Kiwis, we’re “getting over it”, as Kiwis are apt to do. Life moves on (“she’ll be right”), in some shape or form. Glowing and radioactive, mutated, imbued with mysterious and magical powers, invaded by steam-powered ships from an alternative reality breaking through our weakened veil of perception, or folks simply hanging on by a thread to the tatters of humanity (while dealing with pesky elves or helped by protective Taniwha), perhaps… but the Kiwi spirit lives on.

New Zealand, in our isolation down under, has (we believe) escaped most of whatever the disaster was, but it was pretty bad out there. In fact, we might be the last bastion of humanity on the planet. Anybody else home out there? Radio silence. Nada. Zip. Of course, in your story there might not be radio. Or, in your story, it could be purely a local disaster in NZ.

We are looking for short storiesflash fictionpoetry and artwork from our SpecFicNZ members to go into the anthology.

Submissions are limited to SpecFicNZ members only (but it’s easy to join up)!

We will be accepting submissions between June 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021 (midnight).

For more information on the upcoming Anthology, submission guidelines and more on the theme, go to

Important: Read the submission guidelines and theme before you get started!

Do you have questions? Email them to [email protected]

SpecFicNZ 2021 Anthology team

Editors – Gary Nelson and Grace Bridges

Submissions Manager – Mat Danaher

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