Last updated 5 March 2015

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The intention of the SpecFicNZ Publishing Grant Scheme is to promote the publication of speculative fiction by New Zealand authors to a local and international audience.

The annual funds allocated to this project will be determined by the Core, but will comprise at least $1000 or 1/3 of the previous year’s revenue from membership fees, whichever is the smaller. Additional funds to add to the total sum available for grants may be sought from third parties.

The application period(s) for the SpecFicNZ Publishing Grant Scheme will be advertised via the SpecFicNZ website and social media no less than 90 days before the applications deadline each year, with the application form made freely available on the SpecFicNZ website.

Up to three applications per publisher (including multiple-author-published projects) and one application per individual for single-author-published projects will be considered per funding period. If an individual, the applicant must be a current, fully paid-up member of SpecFicNZ. If a publisher or company, at least one of the principal people involved in the project must be a member of SpecFicNZ in good standing.

The committee will decide upon the allocation of funding within 30 days of the applications deadline and distribute the funds within 60 days of the applications deadline.

Grants recipients are obliged to agree prior to receipt of the funds that the funds will be used exclusively for the project detailed in their application, and that they will abide by IRD requirements in treating the grant money as income.

Grants recipients are required to report on the use of funds 12 months after the distribution of grants funds, using a form provided by SpecFicNZ. Failure to do so will result in the recipient individual or organisation being barred from applying to the SpecFicNZ Publishing Grant Scheme for three years following the allocation of the grant.

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



The Publication Grants Sub-Committee shall consist of no fewer than three individuals who are SpecFicNZ members in good standing.

Each year’s committee is to be formed no later than the third Core Committee meeting following the annual committee election.

Each committee must include one person with professional publishing and/or bookselling experience to provide industry-related insight.

Assessors do not need to be Core Committee members of SpecFicNZ.

Assessors are barred from applying for funding for themselves or on behalf of other individuals or organisations for the period of their holding the position.


Assessing the applications

Assessors are to adjudicate funding applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant’s history of publication, particularly with regard to audience reach and critical reception
  2. Likelihood the applicant project will publish successfully with funding from SpecFicNZ
  3. Sum of money requested in relation to:
    1. Authors being paid
    2. Potential audience reach
    3. Number of authors who benefit
  4. Alignment of the project with SpecFicNZ goals, in particular furthering the visibility and viability of speculative fiction within and from New Zealand.




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