These are our goals as an organization.
  1. We are committed to cultivating a supportive, connected community of creators, writers, editors and publishers of speculative fiction in and from New Zealand.
  2. We intend to provide accurate, helpful and current information and resources for the New Zealand speculative fiction community through our website, newsletter and SpecFicNZ sponsored events.
  3. We seek to advance New Zealand speculative fiction creators, writers, editors and publishers toward higher levels of professionalism, whether they are newly emerging or well-established in their careers.
  4. We are determined to raise the public and publishable profile of the speculative fiction genre in New Zealand.
  5. We hope to partner with, promote, and nurture existing New Zealand speculative fiction publications and publishers, and involve ourselves in the establishment of new ones.
  6. We want to foster a climate of justice and equality, assuring that all those involved in the New Zealand speculative fiction industry work together ethically and fairly to further our genre.
  7. We endeavor to run our organization in an above-board, open, and honest manner, leading ethically, respecting diversity, and treating our members as the valuable creative resources they are.
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