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These Broken Worlds

These Broken Worlds introduces readers to a universe where a war between humans and aliens has decimated the Earth, leaving only Australia and New Zealand habitable. The rest of the planet is a burned up stew of toxic waste. This mini-kōsalogy lays the foundation for a new science fiction series, Interspecies, Kōsa Press’s flagship kōsalogy (what we call our shared universe anthologies) which will be released in 2015.

In These Broken Worlds, a scavenger frantically searches her dying planet for discarded tech in a last minute effort to save her lover. An old man remembers first contact and the devastating consequences to life on Earth. The birth of a hybrid threatens to disrupt a human community, but who is really to blame? A male alien uses unconventional means to court a human woman with a surprising result. A woman obsessed with vengeance conjures something dark and evil that will change her life forever. And an old alien regales children with tales of interstellar exodus.

These and other flash stories in These Broken Worlds are snapshots from a new universe. Join us as we venture into an alternate reality where one home world is utterly destroyed and another is ruined. We’ll explore alien planets and daily life on an Earth shimmering with hate and violence, an Earth where aliens and humans alike eke out a precarious existence with dwindling resources. Strange alliances are forged here and your enemy’s enemy is, more often than not, your enemy too.

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