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Alicia Ponder is whoever she feels like being on any particular day. Writer, parent, teacher, poet, advertising assistant to Rona Gallery, and fencer.


Wizard’s Guide to Wellington

You can buy it here, or at one of the great independent Wellington bookshops.

Awards 2012

A Vogel Award for the short story: “Frankie and the Netball Clone” published in Pearson’s “Challenge” magazine.

Dying for the Record was runner up for the ARC 1.1competition 2012, where the theme was “the future always wins.”

Other stories:

School Journal’s, ” Mousetrap”, ” Wildlife”, “Touchdown” , ” The Santa Trap”, “The Royal Extraterrestrial Society” and ” Grandpa’s photo album” All of which were written in conjunction with Peter Friend.

Pearson’s Magazines “Tiny Trouble” and “Legendary” have been published in Comet and Explore respectively, and they look great. “Frankie and the Netball Clone” and “Survival” were both published in Challenge magazine.

“The Great Weta Robbery.” by Alicia Ponder and Peter Friend has been published by Gilt Edge (Dec 2011).

Non Fiction

Those who like art may also recognise Alicia (and Richard Ponder’s) Caught on Canvas, which has just as much, or possibly more, SpecFic than anyone should squeeze into an art book on Wellington. Painted Days is also available.

Online Presence and poetry

Some older SpecFic. “The Queen and I” was originally published in the ICON Handbook March 2005 as the winner of the SF&F NZ, short, short story competition. It was definitely a product of its time, sandwiched between the hype of “The Lord of the Rings” and the release of Peter Jackson’s “King Kong.” It can be found here

Alicia has never got the hang of blogging although does currently contribute to the Tuesday Poem group Click here to visit “an affliction of poetry” or here to visit Eye to the Telescope and figure out why time machines are such a nuisance in “The Trouble with Time Machines”. Although to be honest, that would be inadvisable because after all, it is poetry and so that should be enough to scare any sane person away. Ask any Vogon.



Lower Hutt, New Zealand