The Gift of Speculative Fiction

So, Christmas is just around the corner and you want to give the folks you love gifts that are personal and meaningful.

Coincidentally, you also have a deep desire to support writers of Speculative Fiction in and from New Zealand.

Well, thanks to SpecFicNZ’s own Anna Caro, you may just be able to do both in one fell swoop.

Anna, via a survey linked to her blog, is currently collecting information for a “Gifting Guide to New Zealand Spec Fic” – a guide that will list all the current, quality, giftable speculative fiction for this Holiday Season.

If you are an author or just an avid reader of recently published NZ speculative fiction, be sure to fill out Anna’s survey by October 20th.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed when the guide (hopefully both in web and paper forms) is available so you can go out and buy those books.

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