How Did NaNoWriMo Go?

Last month, some of us at SpecFicNZ were frantically writing novels.

In an earlier post we listed those members participating in National Novel Writing Month, and now we’d love to hear how it went for you.

Did you make the ultimate goal? A personal goal? Was is fun or just another form of torture? What project were you working on and what progress did you make? Would you ever do it again?

Please feel free to post in the comments section of this post about your NaNoWriMo experience, or even link to a blog post you may have written about it.

And good luck with all that editing.

3 thoughts on “How Did NaNoWriMo Go?

  1. This was my first year and I didn’t make the 50K goal. However, I did write 20K’s worth of some pretty darn good words (almost doubling my novel progress), improved my habit of writing daily, and had a lot of fun (and some small amount of torture). Yes, I would do it again. If you paid me:)

  2. My first year, too. I crashed and burned. I did get something like 15K of useful words out of the month, but scattered across four different projects–my ‘official’ NaNoWriMo project only got 5K. It was a worthwhile exercise, I think, but I don’t think I’m the NaNoWriMo type. That said, I might give it a go another year, if I had a very clearly-defined project for which I’d already done a lot of the research and worldbuilding. (This year’s project didn’t even exist until five days into November, which is not a recipe for success at this exercise …)

  3. My first year too. My first week was slow so I wrote 6K over the weekend, I think writing more than 2K in a day probably isn’t good for my mental health. I went strong for most of the next week, reaching the suggested collective word count until some drama went on for a couple days and I couldn’t be stuffed.

    When I got motivated again I was faced with another weekend of obsessive writing so I scrapped my Nano project and started over with a new story later in November. I’ve been writing 500 words a day (1K on Saturdays and another K on Sundays), adapting the key points in my Nano as flashbacks.

    I’ve been using this system for over two weeks and today’s 500 will bring me up to 9K, so I think I’ve found a system that works.

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